The family business Weger was founded in 1820 by Mr. Josef Weger from 1782 to 1852, the great-grandfather of the current owner.
He was one of the pioneers in wine production and trade in South Tyrol.
His successful work was passed on to his son Josef Weger in 1809 – 1892, which continued to expand what his father had built until then.
His idea was to carry wine from the warehouses in Switzerland and also in the imperial countries of Austria and Hungary with his own carriages.
His Son, Josef Weger 1850 – 1918 ample and modernize his father’s business by setting up a new business building. Subsequently in the 1920s, his nephew Johann Weger from 1890 to 1975 founded an entrepreneurial insolence in Lienz Tirol East as a subsidiary for the distribution of wholly owned family wines.
In succession to the death of his father since 1969, the enterprise, owned and managed by his son, Cav. Josef Weger since 1969. In the direction of sales now also employed his son Dot. Johannes Weger. With the entry and the commitment of his son Dr. Johannes Weger, there are 6 generations that have been carrying on this business this year. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, family interests expanded in the tourism and gastronomy sector. For this reason, the ancient wine cellar was rebuilt in a wineries grove. The 12th century mansion was renovated and rebuilt in beautiful apartments for your holidays.

We want to offer everyone the chance to experience the wine culture experience in one of the most beautiful South Tyrolean wine markets.